These in-person and online programs are focused on creating real human connection, awakening your potential, and aligning with your authentic, empowered center within.

In-Person Offerings

BEING HUMAN: Immersion Series

Entelechy Rising; Turning Inner Potential into Outer Reality​

BEING HUMAN is a four-month immersion journey that promises to upgrade your inner navigation system, open your heart, strengthen alignment with your core values and sacred guiding principles, and expand your vibrational frequency of this current and precious life.

Discover the breakthrough process & well-being tools that bring total mind, body, & spiritual wellness.

BEING HUMAN for Certified Coaches:

Group Coaching for Transformational Growth​

This 4-month group coaching series is designed to create community, expand perspectives, accelerate development, and ignite creativity as we support you and your coaching practice. It is intended for holistic coaches and practitioners with a desire to deepen their understanding and skills supporting human development and transformation.

Online Offerings

Activating Your Vessel

Co-creating in a new era

You may have noticed that there are significant changes happening in the energetic field. These changes are impacting us in transforming ways- especially with letting go of old and needless stories/beliefs that are not serving us anymore. 

Learn several techniques to help you navigate these new experiences and apply them in your life.