Being Human Life – Entelechy Rising in the New Era Michele Rae, MA and Nina Salveson, DscM, MA, MCC

October 27th from 1-4 pm – $49

Location: The Metamorphosis Center, 8646 Eagle Creek Circle, Suite 101, Savage, MN 55378

Are you wondering WHAT is coming in a world that is changing and shifting, both on the planet earth and in society and culture? 

Do you wonder WHY? Humanity is undergoing an unprecedented transition that involves an evolutionary shift and expansion in consciousness. The pace of change has been accelerating since the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 into what is referred to as “unity consciousness.” This monumental shift can be scary exciting and confusing, as it involves our collective evolution into new thought structures and paradigms for living, building, creating and serving.

Join The BEING HUMAN LIFE Community! We created Being Human Life as a means to support, lead and grow a new community in which all are welcome, served and supported. BEING HUMAN  is an immersion process taking place in different settings, and a synthesized series of teachings, practices, activations and immersion experiences. Nina and Michele offer an accelerated development of your abilities and perceptual capabilities to sincerely affect big change. They offer powerful support for living within and from a higher energetic frequency of compassion and discernment. We are each invited to deepen the way we listen, love, witness and engage toward creating a more unified collective.

Are You Ready? If you feel ready and inspired to join the growing Being Human Community, we personally invite and welcome you with loving kindness!

Recollect Your True Divine Nature Explore a seamless journey inward as we gently guide you through new (and ancient) teachings, and simple practices that expand your frequency, create clarity and inner and outer well-being. Together we will deepen our recollection of our own and collective entelechy (true divine nature, inner potential and endless possibility) for living our destiny in the new era.

This is a one-of-a-kind introduction to Being Human Life, a living-breathing immersion journey in morphogenesis through clearing and releasing of old out-dated patterns while elevating your focus, confidence and courage.

Say YES! to what this new unfolding Era holds for you. YES! To freedom! Check it out with us on October 27th at the Metamorphosis Center and experience a “Seriously Fun, Uplifting, and Illuminating Journey in Personal Activation.” 

“Being Human Life Entelechy Institute immersion programs utilize a multimedia approach to a kinesthetic experience so you can read it, hear it, feel it and experience new levels of consciousness.” 

Being Human Life / Entelechy Institute is a creation of co-founders Nina Roberts Salveson and Michele Rae. Both are master transformational coaches, teachers, and guides for pathways to navigating evolutionary change and Being Human in this New Era. If you are ready to discover, claim, and live your most inspired and “real” life yet, then Being Human is for you!

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