Thursday March.26.2020 Retreat
Location: Charlson Meadows Victoria MN

Being Human is a 2-1/2 day Retreat followed with a 3 month deep dive combining instructional, energetic, transformational experiences, somatic mindfulness meditations, multi-dimensional messages, zoom group sessions, private facebook support, field work and personal as well as peer support, individual and group depth coaching.

Orientation / we collect our supplies and tools, and DISCOVER REAL transformation from the inside – out. This life -rejuvenating retreat will involve a gentle and luxurious energy bath that will immerse you in an exploration of YOU, your Essence and who you are ready to BE as a radiant Human in the new Era. Understand your nature’s hard-wiring to be the HUMAN that you were created to be. Free yourself from suffering as you learn how to harness your power, awaken your soul as you unlock
your talents and Inner Guru!

Being Human Immersion: March 26-28, 2020
Charlson Meadows Victoria MN

$150 includes all meals and Experience

CEU offering for National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC) 10 CEU
Objectives for Being Human: Entelechy Rising (Realizing Potential in the New Era) 

  • Explore theories of mind-body-spirit human development and transformation
  • Experience various mindfulness, breath work, movement and transformative practices
  • Understand the Mind-Body-Heart Connection
  • Review recent literature on neuroscience and quantum physics
  • Discuss levels of consciousness and spiritual development
  • Read and discussion new research on the intersection of science and spirituality
  • Utilize journaling to deepen self-awareness of values, passions and purpose
  • Create a personal manifesto
  • Study emotional, social, spiritual and conversational intelligence
  • Complete assessment tools for self-discovery
  • Synthesize self-discovery assessments to create a personal manifesto and purpose statement
  • Learn theories and practice of energy medicine
  • Develop an understanding of energetics of healing, consciousness and manifestation through guided exercises, discussion and practices
  • Explore healthy boundaries and relationships
  • Discuss and share research on intuition and synchronicity
  • Practice grounding and centering exercises
  • Expand on teachings in the book “Living From the Center Within: Co-creating who you are becoming”
  • Deepen understanding and tools for self-regulation and resilience
  • Explore authentic communication techniques
  • Review research on the quantum field, intention/attention/awareness, and laws of attraction
  • Develop a trusted community for support and encouragement
  • Understand and practice a witness and observer point of view
  • Understand the role of forgiveness and compassion in wellbeing