Conversations in the Upper Room

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Conversations in the Upper Room is offered monthly through our emerging Entelechy Institute as one of our Being Human Life programs. Join us for 2 hours of amazing intuitive conversation and mind-body-spirit practice. We utilize this format:

  • Opening meditation
  • Brief all group check-in
  • Small group (2-3 people) break out rooms for deeper discussion
  • All group spontaneous guided meditation
  • Closing check out

Being Human is Looking forward to continuing our Virtual “Conversations in the Upper Room”

We as visionaries, leaders, coaches, practitioners and teachers now more than ever need to connect, process, and continue to open our hearts and minds further to new possibilities arising in the new era. How does real, systemic change happen? How do we support our patients and clients as they come to us to heal the imbalance and co-create who they are becoming? What are you learning in your conversations with other people, guides, and light-workers inviting us to re-calibrate and embody our interconnection at all levels of our being?

During this global reset, WE are the leaders, practitioners and teachers our patients, clients, friends, and family are looking to for support. We look forward to expanding with you into a higher frequency for ourselves, our communities, states, nation, world, and the planet. We know that this month’s Upper Room Conversation will bring to light further clarity about the larger Divine Cosmic plan that is unfolding on the planet.

What information and understanding have emerged for you in this past month? Please plan to share “your Highest Guidance and Divine Presence.” You are invited to contribute to a spontaneous group meditation if you like. We are experimenting with speaking into the circle what is emerging and arising within that will infuse us energetically in spirit-body-mind………..”Radiance Frequency.” We hold the intention that our high vibration will flow exponential quantum energy healing and support in the Energy Field of Consciousness that optimizes our health and well being and that of our world and planet.

Meet Your Conversation in the Upper Room Hosts

Michele Rae
Transformational Coach
Founder - The Center Within, LLC

Michele Rae is the founder of The Center Within, author of Living from the Center Within: Co-creating who you are becoming and graduate faculty in the Master of Arts in Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching program at the University of Minnesota.

She is a nationally board certified health and wellness coach (NBC-HWC) and spiritual teacher. In her private practice, she provides holistic intuitive coaching and programs designed to accelerate and support personal, professional and organizational transformation.

Nina Roberts
Personal & Professional Coach
Founder - Bold Soul Life

Nina Roberts Salveson is an Internationally Board Certified master life, spiritual and wellness coach, founder of Bold Soul Life and the BEING HUMAN Institute. 

She serves as master life coach, teacher, speaker and holds a graduate level degree in transpersonal psychology and metaphysics. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, internationally certified Ayurveda Yoga Therapist and yoga teacher specializing in spiritually-centered transformation and growth. 

Nina has developed and implemented group coaching, wellness  and leadership development programs for school boards, civic leaders not-for-profit, Fortune 500 and small business organizations.

Saying YES to the call, Nina and Michele have joined arms and hearts in the creation, design and development in various offerings Being Human: Entelechy Rising (Realizing Potential in the New Era) 

When we are in Heart Talk: Dialogues That Matter, we co-create a safe space and can share knowings as they arise. This is a place of reverence, non-judgment, and deep listening. You are invited to bring your most pressing inquiries, questions, and tender challenges. We are invited to shine our light, share our love and radiate our service to support optimal timeline choices for humanity during this process of transforming together.

Our heartsong is creating community and connection among those who have access to these streaming new energies with the intention to anchor this frequency in our bodies and on earth as we support each other. We are invited to co-create new structures, paradigms, beliefs, energy healing modalities, and stories in and for our communities, clients, and patients and throughout the collective. We are invited to create heaven on earth.

We look forward to joining you in the Virtual Sacred Space of the Upper Room so that we – together – may transform fear into resilience, and worry into peace and calm, retraction into expansion.

Plan to join if you have registered or not. It helps to know who we are expecting, and the $30 helps cover the administrative costs for our gatherings. No worries if you are not able to contribute.

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