Practicing Self-Love on Wakiki Beach – Wellness choices for 2020

Healthy Mind-Body-Heart-Spirit 2020 is underway and I am feeling the waves of creativity and connection daily. Some days it feels overwhelming, others ecstatic. There is new information streaming in throughout the days (and nights!) New possibilities are emerging in my awareness as well as my clients and students. It is stunning to see new perspectives … Continue reading “Practicing Self-Love on Wakiki Beach – Wellness choices for 2020”

High Vibe Mind-Body Wellness Support

My heartsong these days is supporting people and organizations making high vibe empowered choices creating a world that supports the greater good for all beings. I see this time of tremendous transformation as an opportunity to expand our individual and collective awareness and access higher levels of consciousness. With that intention, I have found what … Continue reading “High Vibe Mind-Body Wellness Support”

Creative Connections

Recently I have noticed an increase in new partnerships and new groups spontaneously forming around me in response to creative impulses. I follow a nudge to connect or someone contacts me “out of the blue.” I have an initial idea about the purpose of the connection and turns out to differently; more magical, expansive, and exhilarating than I … Continue reading “Creative Connections”

Enhancing Subtle “Ways of Knowing”

How do you connect (give and receive information) in the realms of intuition, innovation and inspiration? I have been playing lately with increasing my access on demand to subtler “ways of knowing.” Here is what I have found most effective. I would so enjoy hearing from you and what tips you have to offer. Find … Continue reading “Enhancing Subtle “Ways of Knowing””

Living in Gratitude

Recently I have been invited to give two presentations. One on Gratitude and another on Mind-Body-Spirit Tools to Optimize Holistic Health Coaching (you can view on the link below). Through the lens of my pharmacist background, I am struck by the enormous benefits gratitude gives to our health and wellbeing. It is FREE and available … Continue reading “Living in Gratitude”

Up-Leveling: Deconstructing and Reconstructing

New beginnings require a letting go of the old and embracing the new. I have been observing MANY old patterns unraveling in the surges of the present energy. I see it all over the planet in current events, as well as in my own life and the lives of clients and students. The invitation is … Continue reading “Up-Leveling: Deconstructing and Reconstructing”

Opening to New Levels of Awareness

The past couple months I am finding my awareness is tapping into new information and new ways of perceiving. In conversation with colleagues and clients, they too are noticing new ideas, thoughts and understandings appearing. Have you noticed any shifts in your ways of knowing? It opens my curiosity and wonder to radical new solutions … Continue reading “Opening to New Levels of Awareness”