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New Coaching Group starting in January 2021!

About Build a Thriving Group Coaching Practice and Business

New Groups Starting in Winter 2021!

Group health coaching is a vital tool for health and wellness coaches because it is the wave of the future. National movement toward group health coaching and group visits has been a trend the past few years, and the interest is growing. Group health coaching allows us to reach more people for three reasons: it offers reduced participation costs, it creates an instant community of support around a common experience, and it decreases the time investment on the part of the coach. Translating coaching skills to hold space for multiple people while navigating the many moving parts that need to be tended to in a group requires skill and practice. This series will prepare you to design, market and deliver your group coaching offering.
  • Describe and demonstrate key components of group health and wellness coaching.
  • Practice skills and techniques that coaches need to develop to successfully design, market and deliver group coaching.
  • Evaluate research and best practice regarding group health and wellness coaching.
  • Identify basic and advanced facilitation techniques that support the delivery of group coaching.
  • Identify opportunities to apply this work in the field.

Session Details

Groups will meet on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30pm CST via Zoom, an online video conferencing platform.

January 26th
February 9th
February 23rd 
March 9th
March 23rd

About Michele and Theresa

Michele Rae
Transformational Coach
Founder - The Center Within, LLC

Michele Rae is the founder of The Center Within, author of Living from the Center Within: Co-creating who you are becoming and graduate faculty in the Master of Arts in Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching program at the University of Minnesota.

She is a nationally board certified health and wellness coach (NBC-HWC) and spiritual teacher. In her private practice, she provides holistic intuitive coaching and programs designed to accelerate and support personal, professional and organizational transformation.

Theresa Nutt
Health Coach and Soul Alignment Designer -
Your Deeper Calling and Neighborhood Naturopathic

Theresa Nutt is Co-Director in the Masters of Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching program at the University of Minnesota. She has a Masters in Human Development with a focus in Corporate Coaching and Training, and a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. She has a two-year
degree in Personal Coaching from Coach University. She currently serves on the ICF (International Coach Federation) Minnesota Board.

Theresa has been a nurse since 1995 in a variety of settings and roles. She has been coaching for 18 years in a variety of settings including private practice, corporate individual and group health coaching, and wellness coaching for employees through insurance companies. She is trained in life coaching, health coaching, and style essence coaching. For more info visit:,

Theresa is a board-certified in health and wellness coaching as well as holistic nursing and has extensive training in holistic practices. She is thrilled to have this opportunity to co-create the next generation of health coaches who can help transform the future of health and wellbeing for all!

What Past Participants Have Said...

"I had a pretty incredible experience in the breakout day. It was one of those “stars lining up” experiences. It kind of validated the rightness for me being in this class."
- Mary Kay
"Michele and Theresa do an amazing job of facilitating these group coaching sessions. Wonderful to watch you model HOW to facilitate effectively. I love the content - so rich and helpful. You compliment each other well and your teaming seems seamless. It’s fun just to watch how you teach and interact and learn from that."
- Kris

What to Expect from
Build a Thriving Group Coaching
Practice and Business

January 26th (2 hours): Group Facilitation 101
  • Translating The Four Pillars to Group Coaching
  • Managing the Online Environment
  • Welcoming Your Participants and Other Logistics to Handle Ahead of Time
  • Introduction to Group Facilitation Hacks
  • Creating a Structure While Staying Flexible

February 9th (2 hours): Design and Market Your Group
  • Designing the Group Experience
  • Identifying Your Target Market, Message, and Marketing Strategies
  • Ways to Repurpose Your Content

February 23rd (2 hours): Advanced Group
  • Facilitation Techniques
  • Advanced Group Facilitation Hacks
  • Stages of Groups
  • Managing Group Dynamics
  • Using Activities in Groups and Other Adult Learning Highlights

March 9th (2 hours): Practicum
  • Group Facilitation Practice with peer and faculty feedback

March 23rd (2 hours): Practicum and Showcase
  • Complete Group Facilitation Practice
  • Showcase of group designs and marketing plans
  • Final Questions and Wrap-up

Continuing Education Credits For NBHWC


CEU offering for National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC) 10 CEU.

These CE credits are provided by The Center Within which has been approved by the NBHWC, PAC for the continuing education and training of National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC). 

CEP Number 100085 Other holistic professionals will be provided a certificate of completion and encouraged to submit to their governing organizations.

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Everything You Need to Successfully Run Groups Online!
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Build a Thriving Group Coaching Practice and Business:
Everything You Need to Successfully Run Groups Online

$ 479
  • Group coaching & connection with other health coaches
  • Facilitated by Michele Rae & Theresa Nutt
  • Five 2-hour sessions over three months
  • Groups meet on Tuesdays from 6:30pm - 8:30pm CST
  • Sessions take place via Zoom, an online video conferencing platform
  • 10 CEU credits for NBC-HWC
"As others witness my stories and experiences, they see my strengths, passions and gifts more clearly than I do. Sometimes it is hard to see myself clearly and the depth of my value and worth."
- Lorie

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