Transmission of Light

A few days ago, I had a dream where I was visited by beings from various years in what seemed to be the future. They came in response to a request I made for support during this time of transformation into the new era. Assistance came flowing to me as a ‘transmission of light & … Continue reading “Transmission of Light”

Are You Claiming Your Brilliance?

As I reflect today on the transformation that has occurred in my own life this past month and my intentions for November, the sun is illuminating the red and orange and yellow leaves in my backyard. Fall is a glorious time in Minnesota. It has been an incredibly tender month.  I am in week 6 … Continue reading “Are You Claiming Your Brilliance?”

October Reset: Aligning Within

I have been contemplating an internal reset for a few months and now is the time for action. I turned 60 this year, and inflammation is causing a few ‘degenerative conditions’ (that is the official medical term) that are not feeling so good. In addition, there are openings in perspective and high frequency energetic experiences … Continue reading “October Reset: Aligning Within”

Fierce Compassion: You Were Made for These Times

I am digging deep inside these days to live with compassion. There are many experiencing suffering, including myself. ‘Being with’ in compassion can comfort and soothe this sense of distress. Deep listening is a practice I find particularly supportive. Being heard can reduce anxiety and stress. Knowing a person (or the inner worried concern in … Continue reading “Fierce Compassion: You Were Made for These Times”

Emerging Possibilities What a time of emerging possibilities we are living in! It is exciting, exhilarating, scary and uncertain all rolled into one simultaneous experience. How do I navigate, make sense, integrate, and embody this time of transformation in my experience of being human? How do I support my students and clients in their process of … Continue reading “Emerging Possibilities”

Imagining Our Ideal World

When you imagine an ideal world for human beings and all who inhabit the earth, what do you envision? I imagine a world …… Where every child born into the world is celebrated as a seed of awe and wonder. Each child’s gifts, talents, passions, and inherent uniqueness is honored and cultivated throughout childhood. All … Continue reading “Imagining Our Ideal World”

Empowering Courageous Conversations

I have found myself more often lately in conversations with clients, students, friends, and family who are in fear and feeling ‘controlled’ by popular (often false) narratives. I lean in. I listen more deeply. I ask challenging questions inviting them into a discussion that is based on critical thinking about facts/opinions and their own reflection. … Continue reading “Empowering Courageous Conversations”

Exploring Ego: How is it like my tongue?

I have encountered various points of view about the human ego, my least favorite is that it is ‘bad and wrong’. Some beliefs state the ego needs dissolving and needs to ‘die’ to be an ‘enlightened’ human being. After multiple conversations with clients about the optimal function and relationship of the ego in our multidimensional … Continue reading “Exploring Ego: How is it like my tongue?”

Kindness: A Positive Force

Do random acts of kindness touch your heart? I recently read a heartwarming post on Nextdoor Neighborhood about a random act of kindness. A woman wrote: “My faith in humanity has been restored! On my way home today, I stopped at Cub Foods. So, as I try to bag my groceries wearing my mittens and … Continue reading “Kindness: A Positive Force”