Empowering Courageous Conversations

I have found myself more often lately in conversations with clients, students, friends, and family who are in fear and feeling ‘controlled’ by popular (often false) narratives. I lean in. I listen more deeply. I ask challenging questions inviting them into a discussion that is based on critical thinking about facts/opinions and their own reflection. … Continue reading “Empowering Courageous Conversations”

Exploring Ego: How is it like my tongue?

I have encountered various points of view about the human ego, my least favorite is that it is ‘bad and wrong’. Some beliefs state the ego needs dissolving and needs to ‘die’ to be an ‘enlightened’ human being. After multiple conversations with clients about the optimal function and relationship of the ego in our multidimensional … Continue reading “Exploring Ego: How is it like my tongue?”

Kindness: A Positive Force

Do random acts of kindness touch your heart? I recently read a heartwarming post on Nextdoor Neighborhood about a random act of kindness. A woman wrote: “My faith in humanity has been restored! On my way home today, I stopped at Cub Foods. So, as I try to bag my groceries wearing my mittens and … Continue reading “Kindness: A Positive Force”

Who are you “othering?”

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay  I am paying attention to how gosh darn often I find my thoughts judging “those people” who are bad and wrong. “They” do not share my perspective, “they” are irrelevant, “they” are a threat. Maybe you know “those other people” too. Othering occurs when I view or treat a person or group … Continue reading “Who are you “othering?””

You are the Light: What are you illuminating?

Did you catch a glimpse or see pictures of the bright light appearing in the sky when Jupiter and Saturn aligned near December 21st? I have enjoyed star gazing my entire life. I feel a visceral connection to starlight and the vast cosmos. Scientists tell us stars give off photons, elementary particles of light, and … Continue reading “You are the Light: What are you illuminating?”

Practicing Beginner’s Mind: Time for a Shift in Perspective

Sometimes I enter a new experience or encounter and prejudge how it is going to go. I have attached meaning and a story that is made up in my mind. I make assumptions and conjure up expectations before the moment even occurs. It is so automatic, so conditioned, and so limiting! As 2020 approaches a … Continue reading “Practicing Beginner’s Mind: Time for a Shift in Perspective”

Inner Guidance System: Our Superpower

How do you tap into your inner guidance? I am finding it more necessary now than ever. The “external guidance” is confusing, contradictory and I often simply do not trust it. From the media bias to Google controlling the feed of healthcare news, I continually challenge what others impose on me as facts when the … Continue reading “Inner Guidance System: Our Superpower”

Expanding Awareness & Clarifying Intention Podcast

During this time of more online connecting, I have been invited to participate in a number of new summits and podcasts. Below is a link to an interview I recently recorded with Valeria Teles: Expanding Awareness & Clarifying Intention. She contacted me after reading my book, Living From the Center Within, and invited me to … Continue reading “Expanding Awareness & Clarifying Intention Podcast”

Autumn Mind-Body Realigning: What is reconfiguring in your life?

With the arrival of October, I am engaged in another wave of deep reflecting, recalibrating and realigning. During September, I participated in a month-long online meditation group exploring the new energies and new possibilities as this new era is emerging. My mind and heart have opened further. More allowing, more trust, more willingness to be … Continue reading “Autumn Mind-Body Realigning: What is reconfiguring in your life?”