Last month I attended the graduation of our health coaching students as faculty dressed in full regalia at Northrop auditorium on campus at University of Minnesota where I teach. From my seat on the stage, I was inspired by the music, rituals, traditions, and speeches by accomplished professionals and graduating students. This is one of many roles I participated in throughout my week. Who I am at my essence when I am not identified as a teacher, student, grandmother, neighbor, author, friend, spiritual director, transformational coach, wife, board member, auntie, or mother? 

Spending time reflecting I open to that inner space of pure potential, unaffiliated with any function or doing.

There is a sense of resting, of being. My breath invites my awareness to my inner essence that resides in my Center Within. In this condition, there is no compulsion to do the next thing, no drive to demonstrate my expertise, no needs unmet. I feel peaceful, vibrant, and grateful. 

My senses are heightened. I experience the sensual savory awe, beauty, and wonder of this moment. I hear the birds singing and children laughing during my morning cross country ski. I smell the oyster stew simmering in the crockpot and feel the softness of my new slippers on my feet. I see the smile of my partner across the room as he enjoys the book he is reading. The smell and taste of my favorite tea is here now. 

With my full attention in the present moment, I am freer from my conditioning, more unattached to thinking I already know. I am curious about the mystery of what will arise in my awareness next. Yes, I have inherent preferences, passions, tendencies, and values. Do new opportunities for doing align with my authentic nature?

Last month I became a luminary in a worldwide organization supporting women becoming self-empowered, conscious, and abundant. Interested in learning more about New World Women? 

I was invited to write a column for a new neighborhood paper on holistic health and wellbeing. Here is more about Southwest Connector.


 These invitations arose out of the field of pure potential. As they are aligned with my Center Within, I said YES. 

You too are invited to spend time in your Center Within as you enter a New Year with infinite possibilities.

Where can you let go of preconceived habits and conditioning that no longer serves you? How can you remain open and curious to new opportunities that will arise in your awareness and your life?

Make every choice aligned with your Center Within, and you will create a life you love!

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  1. Thank you for this lovely message to remain in my Center Within, Michele. I felt into the peace and presence you described. We are so deeply happy and honored that you are a New World Women Luminary–and look forward to you sharing more of your wisdom teachings with all of us in the new year.

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