Self-Love Creates Outer Love

Your True Guide to Create Outer Love by Cultivating Self-Love

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Can you feel the uncertainty and fear and permeating the United States and beyond? There is more transparency exposing our sense of lack, scarcity, blame, divisiveness, exclusivity, entitlement, and discrimination. During this month where many of us celebrate Valentine’s Day, I invite each of us to cultivate more peace and love by increasing and strengthening our inner love, our self-love.

Are there limiting beliefs, resentment, negative self-talk or self-sabotaging ruminating inside? This is the time to love yourself more and forgive, release and heal. I notice my arrogance, my judgments, my intolerance and my resentments. This is the month to call any fragmented pieces of ourselves back home. Bring all of ourselves, our shadow included, into the light of your awareness so our inner fears, false evidence appearing real, can be transformed. This is the path to self-love. Now is the time to integrate into our whole and Holy selves.

How to create outer love

Self-Love Creates Outer Love

Are there people in your life, activities or creative expressions that make your heart sing? This is the month to express gratitude and engage in joy-filled activities. Assess your work, relationships, and self-care: choose to expand what nurtures you and consider removing your time and attention from what deplete you. Live your life, personally and professionally, in alignment with your inner radiance of self-love and light. Own your self-worth and speak your truth.

Then, and only then, can we dialogue around our outer brokenness and move towards policy and choices that are mutually beneficial, compassionate, just, and sustainable. It is time to heal and call each person forward to contribute from their passions, strengths, and gifts. It is time to find new ways collectively to honor diversity, collaborate and find common ground for the highest good for all living beings. It is the time for humanity to cultivate more peace and self-love.

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