What are  Michele’s Classes, Workshops & Events?

Most scheduled classes are offered in and around the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Workshops and talks are also offered on demand and Michele is available for travel to your location. Please schedule a consultation for more information.

Thursday June.7.2018 Education

Health Education Series - Preparing for Summer

LOCATION: 8120 S Penn Ave Bloomington MN 55431

Healing Happens Here   Collaborating partners providing integrative health and wellness services. Offering monthly trainings at Southtown Office Park Conference Rooms 135/145 8120 S. Penn

Monday June.11.2018 Education

Mind-Body Science and the Art of Transformation

LOCATION: University of Minnesota

Course Description Modern technology has provided deeper insight into how our minds and bodies change based on our focus, intentions, cell environment, habits, stress and behaviors.

Saturday July.14.2018 Retreat

Activating Your Heartsong

LOCATION: Synairea Retreat Center

Join us for a day of retreat, setting time aside to relax, contemplate and connect. During our time together, we will discuss relaxation practices, share stories,

Wednesday October.24.2018 Monthly Gathering

Connection and Attunement - October Gathering

LOCATION: 8120 Penn Ave S. Bloomington: Southtown Office Park Conference Rooms 135/145

You are invited to join our monthly gatherings designed to cultivate intention, support and encouragement for each other on our way to sustaining wholeness and holiness in our lives. $25/Session. RSVP preferred.