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Do you live from your power, love, abundance and passion at home, work and in your community?  The Center Within offers classes, training & coaching in the Twin Cities of MN, by Phone or On Location. Services are designed to assist you in developing self empowering strategies to realize your potential every day by Living from your Center Within.

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Founder & Coach, Michele Rae

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Client Testimonials

Working with Michele was extremely helpful in getting me back on my path to the person I want to be.

- Ann

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Co-Creating in 2015

How do we maximize the co-creative forces of our clear, focused intentions with Universal Life Force? When we shift our identification from an individual ego centered person to being a part of the interconnected web of consciousness to realizing the Universe lives in us as we live in the Universe, our entire perception of being…   Read this post

Radiating Joy

Joy is an inside job and can be maintained through practice of inner awareness, presence and positivity.  The holidays are a wonderful time to practice! My sister recently sent me a quote from Shawn Achor, a positive psychologist: “The external world can only predict 10% of your happiness; 90% is predicted by the way your…   Read this post

Radiating Love

Settling inward as the leaves are off the trees following a stunning display of autumn colors here in Minnesota.  Inside of me there has been a shift in my experience of Loving this year. Love feels more unconditional and Joy more causeless. I know Love as the Infinite Source, Love as the shining out that…   Read this post

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